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Suggested Policies/Strategies Related to Controlling Fugitive Dust Emissions:* AQ 4.1.1 Where fugitive dust is causing a chronic public nuisance or the air quality is in exceedance of the PM 10 standards consider adopting a dust control policy that requires preparation and approval of a dust control plan.

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Fugitive Dust Control Measures. Keeping potential fugitive dust problems under control is an everyday job. Plan ahead by developing a dust prevention and control plan. Here are some specific suggestions for controlling fugitive dust: First, think pollution prevention! Minimize the surface area disturbed.

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Dust Control Plan 09/17 2 Dust Control Plan . Section 2: Fugitive PM10 Sources . 2-A Disturbed Surface Area Report the total area in acres of land surface to be disturbed, the total area in acres of the entire project site and total acreage of disturbed areas that will be left inactive for more than seven days.


KERN COUNTY AIR POLLUTION CONTROL DISTRICT RULE 402 -FUGITIVE DUST (Adopted 11/29/93, Amended 3/07/94, 9/7/95, 11/3/4) I. Purpose The purpose of this Rule is to reduce the amount of respirable particulate matter (PM10) emitted from significant man-made fugitive dust sources and in an amount sufficient to

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WDNR's guidance, particularly with WDNR's conclusions that "PM2.5 emissions will not be estimated in an air permit review for fugitive dust sources, mechanical handling, grain handling, and other low temperature particulate sources." EPA is also concerned by WDNR's statement that "Permit applicants should assume that

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NR 415.04 Fugitive dust. No person may cause, allow or permit any materials to be handled, transported or stored without taking precautions to prevent particulate matter from becoming. NR 415.04 WISCONSIN ADMINISTRATIVE CODE 90 Published under s. 35.93, Wis. Stats., by the Legislative Reference Bureau.

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In addition to opacity limits, any source 1/4 acre or greater in size is required to submit a Fugitive Dust Control Plan (FDCP) to the Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ). The FDCP is required to help sources minimize the amount of fugitive dust generated onsite.


current copy of the Fugitive Dust Plan and fugitive dust log will be maintained on‐site, and made available for review to County or BAAQMD inspectors upon request. Two (2) signs will be posted with the telephone number and person to contact at Vulcan Materials regarding dust complaints.

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AIR QUALITY AND DUST MANAGEMENT PLAN SUPPLEMENTARY LENDER'S INFORMATION PACKAGE (SLIP) DUNDEE PRECIOUS METALS – KRUMOVGRAD, BULGARIA OCTOBER 2014 Project No.: 7879140150 Page 1-3 1.3 Responsibilities This AQDMP is a 'live' document and the monitoring procedures, responsibilities and

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The Plan should be updated anytime there is a change in conditions that would substantially affect the written Plan. In addition to the fugitive dust control plan, §257.80(c) requires the owner or operator of a CCR unit to file an annual fugitive dust control report. 3.2 Other Fugitive Dust Regulatory Requirements

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On October 31, 2017, the Detroit City Council passed an ordinance amendment to Chapter 22 of the City Code that regulates the storage of bulk solid materials. The goal of the ordinance is to minimize the amount of fugitive dust released into the air. Bulk solid materials are any solid materials that can be used as a fuel or as a component in a manufacturing or construction process that may ...

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fugitive dust emissions, when measured against the applicable requirements in NR415 (NR 415.04(1)) and the DPC-submitted Dust Control Plan (10142015), to be in compliance. That said, I believe that there is room to improve fugitive dust emissions at the AOS, particularly during CCR unloading."

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Fugitive Dust Plan Application; Rule 223-2, Fugitive Dust -- Asbestos Hazard Mitigation Rule 223-2 Summary Information Sheet Asbestos Dust Mitigation Plan Application Asbestos Review Map Sample Asbestos Warning Sign; Rule 610, Land Development Fees (Effective 7-01-19) Asbestos Dust Mitigation Plan Fee - $434 + $29.22 per acre

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Dust: Fugitive Dust Regulations and Fugitive Dust Plans Kerry Kelly Michigan Department of Environmental Quality 586-753-3746/ [email protected]

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The dust management plan establishes minimum requirements and procedures for minimizing fugitive dust emissions generated during the demolition and construction phases at the site. It details the different dust mitigation approaches and dust control measures that must be taken in order to mitigate on-site dust generation that may impact nearby ...

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Ensure that the city's most vulnerable citizens are protected from fugitive dust; Measuring Fugitive Dust. Major sources in Las Cruces for fugitive dust are from construction sites, unpaved roads, and fields. The amount of particles in the air, is measured by EPA. This measurement is …

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Construction activities that may generate fugitive dust are governed by rules and regulations issued by the SDAPCD, as well as by several MMs and applicant-proposed measures (APMs) developed as part of the MMCRP. This Plan is designed to reduce fugitive dust emissions associated with the Project to …

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Fugitive Dust Control Plan September 10, 2010 Revised: June 4, 2018 Page 2 Fugitive Dust Control Plan Background Site Location and Description: Lehigh Southwest Cement Company's Permanente Plant is located on a 3600(+) acre parcel at 24001 Stevens Creek Boulevard, in an unincorporated area of Santa Clara County, in the


This Fugitive Dust Emissions Control Plan (Plan) is written to provide means and methods for controlling or minimizing the emission of fugitive dust pursuant to relevant Project specifications in Section01 57 19 and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule …

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The state rules on fugitive dust, which apply to all sources of dust (particulate matter) are found in the Indiana Administrative Code under 326 IAC 6-4 and 326 IAC 6-5. However, under 326 IAC 6-4- 6, there are sources and activities that are not considered in violation of the fugitive dust rules.

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COVID-19: In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is limiting person-to-person contact and will close our offices to the public starting on April 3.Please contact DEQ here to conduct business.

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Fugitive Dust Control Plan Prepared for Minnesota Steel Industries April 2007 4700 West 77th Street Minneapolis, MN 55435-4803 Phone: (952) 832-2600 Fax: (952) 832-2601

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detailed information on the Fugitive Dust Control Plan (FDCP). The FDCP addresses how dust will be kept to a minimum at the project site. Control measures listed in the plan should be specific to the land development site. Fugitive dust control techniques commonly included in the plan are shown in Table 1. A

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Contents . 1.0 Purpose 4 2.0Scope 4 3.0 Objectives of Dust Management Plan 4 4.0 Background 4 4.1 Sources of dust 5 4.2 Details of the receiving environment and dust monitoring locations 5 4.3 Dust Controls 7 4.4 Assessment of dust emissions and controls 8 5.0 Applicable Legislative requirements and guidance 10 6.0 Responsibilities

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The Dust Control Management Plan (Plan) provides the measures to be implemented by San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) and its contractors to minimize fugitive dust emissions during construction of the Sycamore to Peñasquitos 230kilovolt (k V) Transmission Line (Project).

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Fugitive dust control "Fugitive dust" is a term used to describe any particulate matter (PM) emissions released through any means other than a stack or duct of some kind. Any business creating enough dust, smoke, or fumes to be a noticeable source of air pollution must control those emissions.

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An Asbestos Dust mitigation plan must be prepared, submitted, approved and implemented when more than 20 cubic yards of earth will be moved at all sites identified as being in an Asbestos Review Area as shown on the following map: Naturally Occurring Asbestos Review Area Map, El Dorado County - …


BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES PLAN FOR FUGITIVE DUST Greenwood Aggregates Company Limited Violet Hill Pit > Town of Mono, ON Prepared For: Greenwood Aggregates Company Limited 205467 County Road 109 Amaranth, Ontario L9W 0V1 Prepared By: TRINITY CONSULTANTS ONTARIO INC. 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 106 Toronto, ON M3C 1V9 416‐391‐2527 January 2018